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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Times are changing rapidly, and the new events bring a new set of questions and emotions.

It is my deepest desire to bring truth to these pages to the best of my ability on topics that concern the community trapped by the confines of the cult mentality, in one form or another. There is no doubt that lives have been damaged - the human heart and spirit have been trampled. However there is healing after cult-life.

I felt it necessary to introduce the purposes of this website and the blogs to follow. - Bringing truth to the deception of LLDM, and help for those who need answers - so many are left in complete chaos. Lives are being ripped apart, families are in turmoil, and the pain of the latest discoveries are a double-edged sword. Perhaps in being able to learn the truths, and to compare it fairly, it seems necessary to take the scriptures that have been twisted, and reveal the true meanings based on the context, language, and history of what they are.

- Fighting for Justice is paramount. The definition of Justice is "the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness". The crimes that have been committed against human beings by perpetrators in LLDM are vast and ruthless. Human trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse, financial exploitation, and the constant wearing down of the human spirit are horrendous. The threats, lies, and coercion are a constant battering ram against the soul to silence and suppress the truth. How can this happen in society today? Are we not more civilized than this?? Justice must be sought out. Criminals must be held accountable. Our desire is to see every individual who has committed crimes be prosecuted, regardless of the size or magnitude of the crime. This can be an intimidating process for a victim, and we are here to help connect them with the proper authorities in government and give support as they go through the process.

- Advocating for those who don't have a voice or just don't have the strength, is our way of taking victims by the hand and walking with them in their journey to healing. Some of the greatest warriors have been those who have been small in the eyes of others and been through hell themselves, and we believe victims are warriors in the making! But the process can be long and hard. Questions of where to go and what to do can make an overwhelmed mind feel even more helpless. That is where we come in. Those who don't know the "how" or "where" on getting help can reach out and know that we will personally help guide them to their own decisions and what they feel is best for themselves and their loved ones. It is our desire to help each person on their own journey to wholeness, and sometimes having someone in their corner makes all the difference in the world.

- Encouraging those who are broken is vital. Many victims that we speak with have lost hope. Confusion and pain are their biggest companions and while they are formidable foes, they are not unconquerable! Sometimes a word of encouragement and shedding light on the truth can mean the difference in someone's day. Depression, PTSD, anxiety, fear, insomnia - the list is endless for victims of LLDM. But there IS help, and there is hope for healing and a future full of good things to come. We want to help encourage and lift you up and become all that you were meant to be. And someday, you will be the one that is encouraging someone who is beginning their journey to wholeness.

We will continue to add new things and features as time goes by, bear with us as we grow and evolve. We have merchandise which is available and all profits will go to victim assistance, in whatever capacity that need is. Thanks to the love and financial giving of many already, several have been helped even prior to this organization being formed. We will gladly take any donations to help manage and keep this site running as well as also go to further the assistance we can give victims who may need it.

For the moment, we won't be adding comment pages, due to the wonderful platforms that are already in place for people to share with one another - by keeping our community together in those places, it maintains a level of unity there, without being spread out and losing track of one another.

Finally, if you are a victim of LLDM and need help, we are here for you. You can fill out the form to reach us, or reach us via email and we will do everything we can to help you.

Our hearts go out to each one of you. You are brave and you are courageous just by being here. We hope that you will never stop in your search for truth and healing, and may the community of exlldm continue to grow and thrive each day. We love you all. ❤

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