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LaRazón: Light of the World and money laundering

The leader of La Luz del Mundo Church, Naasón Joaquín, is being held in a prison in the American Union, where he faces a process for 26 crimes, including sexual abuse and the production of child pornography, but this has not prevented him continue to lead your religious community.

By: BIBIANA_BELSASSO - 03/10/2020 00:12

The judge who follows the case in the United States set a bail at 50 million dollars. In fact, California's own attorney general, Xavier Becerra, acknowledged that he did not recall such a high bond in the history of the state, but explained that the prosecution had requested a figure as high as possible, because Naasón could manage to gather between his faithful the 25 million dollars that were initially requested, so there was a real risk that he would flee the country.

And it is that the Church La Luz del Mundo and its leader Naasón Joaquín have very high financial resources. In Mexico, La Luz del Mundo leaders felt protected and were never sentenced, even though they had been reported for sexual abuse on several occasions in the past.

Between 1997 and 2004, several complaints were reported in different media against Samuel Joaquín, Naasón's father, for alleged acts of a sexual nature: the victims claimed that they had begun to be abused by Samuel Joaquín since 1981. Years later, the complaints against his son Naasón Joaquín there were also scores. But it took years for him to be arrested, but in the United States.

In Mexico, the defense of Church leaders has worked on several fronts, from caring for the image of its leader to trying to safeguard money. It is an economically powerful Church. Amparo trials were initiated in federal courts in the state of Jalisco, against the blocking and freezing of their bank accounts.

Almost all of the lawsuits filed in Mexico were admitted and turned into amparo trials, but finally the Financial Intelligence Unit found enough irregularities in Naasón Joaquín's financial transactions to freeze his accounts.

Naasón Joaquín has undeclared thousands of dollars in transactions.

Fiscally, it does not present annual declarations, only some CFDI (Digital Fiscal Proof for the Internet) were identified as payroll or assimilated to wages.

He did not declare taxes, but, according to information from the FIU, he bought land, houses, made transfers for very high amounts to the United States, where he also bought real estate. At the beginning of the process, he transferred only $ 600,000 to his American lawyers. The transfers you made to the US and the purchase of real estate here in Mexico do not match your income. He is a signatory of the account of Jurisdiction Center of the Church of the Living God Column and Support of Truth the Light of the World AR, whose business name sent him three payments from February 07, 2017 to June 07, 2017, for 258 thousand 750 pesos to Joaquín García Naasón Merari (his real name), of which there is no CFDI or any fiscal verification for sending the resources. The financial institutions mentioned that Joaquín García Naa-són Merari appears as an apostle in the charter of Fraternidad Levitica AR. In addition to being the real owner of Proyectos Inmobiliarios Jasuen SA de CV, which was confirmed by the company's charter.

[Garcia]Faces trial for 26 crimes.

Article courtesy of LaRazon and Bibiana Belasso - Original content in Spanish - translation courtesy Google Translate

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