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Our Story

Our stories are not unlike yours are.  We come from places of abuse, loneliness, rejection, despair and confusion, and we have been brought together in a divine plan to form a community of support and encouragement for those who are struggling. Living in a cult environment is hard, getting out is even more difficult and often times those who want to leave feel isolated.  We want to bring our support, strength, and experiences to those who are walking where we have been.  It IS possible to get out and even more so, thrive in that freedom. 
​ Our individual stories began decades ago, but in 2018 our journeys brought us together to a place where we were able to help others and let them know that they aren't walking alone any longer. 
Where ever you are in your story,  we are here for you - 

  This site is dedicated to those who have been trapped and oppressed by those who twist truth to fit their personal agendas. Surviving cult mentality has many challenges emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually.  Within these pages the reader can find resources for help, truth based on scriptures of the Bible, and words of encouragement that can bring healing to the hurting and wounded hearts. 
 Stay strong fellow warriors -

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